Custom Earplugs

ShootersEars provide maximum “real world” hearing protection.  Our optional passive progressive attenuation Sound Bore Filter SystemTM allows:

  • Normal sounds are heard normally
  • Allows you to hear speech, range commands, co-workers, friends, etc. with little attenuation.
  • Instant protection from louder sounds.

There are no batteries to corrode, No wires to break, No electronics to fail.

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ShootersEar “Passives” are made of a very dense medical grade silicone.

They are shaped by experienced hearing aid lab technicians for a comfortable “all day wear” fit.
Each ShootersEar Passive is coated and sealed with an anti-microbial nano-lacquer.  This coating protects the silicone from body chemicals, earwax and prevents bacterial growth and odors.A safety lanyard is standard on all ShootersEars.
LIFETIME “No fine print” warranty.

Industrial Note: Although ShootersEars were originally developed for the shooting sports, they have been widely accepted and utilized by industry.

Surveys show that 60% of industrial users of ShootersEars wear them while using their own saws,mowers, boats, motorcycles, shooting, and other “off the job” pursuits.  That is a good thing!  Many workers are exposed to more noise off the job than on.  If employees are working in a noisy area, they can only be required to wear hearing protection while on the job.  Unless they are satisfied with effective and comfortable hearing protection, they won’t wear them off the job and hearing loss will accrue, possibly at the employers expense / liability.  Compensation awarded for hearing loss and tinnitus due to noise exposure is growing at an alarming rate.